These 3 activities, Integrative Bodywork, Tai Ji Quan and Zazen-meditation direct us towards an experience of an inner space in what our growing, our maturity as human beings can unfold. They all aim for health of body and mind. They all aim for contact with the living world what surrounds us.


For more than 30 years I practice Zazen-meditation, 20 years of Tai Ji Quan, and for some years I work as a massage therapist in the field of Intergrative Bodywork.

Massage Therapy, Tai Ji Quan, and Zazen are given, practiced, in the Zen Dojo Tai Ku An in Barão São João. Massage Therapy and private lessons of Tai Ji Quan can also be delivered at your home.

Further Informations : www.zendojotaikuan.org

Carl Zimmerling  | tlm.: (00351) 919 718 955  | email: carlzimmerling@sapo.pt