Carl Zimmerling


These 3 activities, Integrative Bodywork, Tai Ji Quan and Zazen-meditation direct us towards an experience of an inner space in what our growing, our maturity as human beings can unfold. They all aim for health of body and mind. They all aim for contact with the living world what surrounds us.

Carl Zimmerling Photo 2023

I have been practicing ZAZEN meditation for more than 40 years, Tai Ji for 30 years, and in 2012 I received my diploma in Intergrative Bodywork from the GREEN Mountain Center in Vermont USA.

The massages are given in a small yoga centre in Lagos, Algarve – Portugal. Tai Ji classes are held in Barão de São João near Lagos. Massages and individual Tai Ji classes are also available at your home.

Carl Zimmerling

tlm.: (00 351) 919 718 955