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The vital energy that we find inside ourselves is called CHI in chinese. For thousands of years it was experienced and studied. Through our lungs we intake universal energy in the form of oxygen. A correct and complete breathing disperses it to every part of the body. Certain exercises and pysical postures teach us to lead and control our breathing. An attentive respiration is experienced as a streaming of energy through our bodies.

The price for the workshop is 30€. It will be divided into 4 periods, each one 1 h 15 min. long. Tea and a vegetarian lunch wil be served during the pauses.

Subjects of the teaching are .
energy basics : yin – yang
respiration basics : inhalation – exhalation
physical posture and respiration
movement and respiration
energycenters in the body : Tantien
vertical energyflow and chakras
Tai Ji – Chigong

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