In ourself there is space, identical with the awareness of it. Permanently thoughts, feelings ,emotions and images pop out of this space. Most of the time our awareness is caught up in those creations. In moments of silence we perceive, we become this inner space.

All experience takes place within ourselves and is transmitted through our senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and spiritual perceptions. The life energy that pulses through us, becomes perception, feeling and thought. It takes on appearance, in order to fill the infinite and empty space in and around us, as projected form. That which we experienced, surrounds us now apparently with material density. We name this dense material, to which our experiences have transmuted, quite correctly ‘Tatsachen’ (deed things, German for ‘facts’). These ‘deed-things’ or facts then stand in our way, when we try to gain new experiences. If we want to discover the open, infinite space, we must separate ourselves from old experiences, from the facts.

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