Originates in the Chinese art of fight, KUNG FU, which was developed by the Buddhist Monk Bodhidharma in the Monastery of Shao Lin in China, in the sixth century. The foundation for the practice of Tai Ji, is the perception of the flow of energy in the body. Beginning with the breath, which we learn to consciously change and direct, we recognize the movement of our cells and of our life-energy, the CHI.

Until now we have learnt to use our muscles and limbs, in order to shape the world outside of ourselves. A new adventure begins, however, when we start to explore and shape the movement within.

As in meditation, here too, the path into this direction begins with the perception and exploration of our inner space. We get to know our energetic center  its weight and its flexibility. We discover universal energies and laws that are available to us, in our body, when we pay them attention. The result of constantly repeated exercises, is an intimacy with the unity of body and mind.

Through Tai Ji body and mind are experienced as one. A natural self-regulating can take place now, where we, in the past, have tried to make the best out of our limited success. When practicing Tai Ji in the open air, we experience this contact with ourselves, as a great closeness to the nature surrounding us. How often have the birds come to sit very close by me, watching me curiously, from some branches of a tree, when I practice.

What is this, they seem to be asking. What is it, that is moving like the wind, like a river, like a cloud. It can’t be a human being – human beings aren’t in such harmony with themselves. . . that’s how humanly the birds speak at those times.

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