Includes massage techniques and energy – and breath work. The aim is to experience a state, in which letting go, release, healing can take place. Therapist and patient, or, I call them, more appropriately, the giver and the receiver, are a unit on an energetic and also on a physical level. Touch itself is the step for re-integrating an isolated area into the stream of life, an isolated area protected from contact. This isolation from life’s flow often is a substantial part of a health issue. It is as if a window will be opened and, a room that has been in darkness for too long, is flooded with sunshine and air.

Integrative Bodywork includes a variety of styles of massage like, for example, sports-massage, connective-tissue massage, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic massage. Breathing exercises and the balancing of energetic patterns, play a great part in Integrative Bodywork, next to physical contact.

Every bodily and emotional expression is energetic in its origin. When our energies are accepted and flow in an unhindered way, we experience them as alive and flexible. We are sociable and sympathetic. We are a self-contained individuality, connected to ourselves and to everything that surrounds us. We are healthy.

Carl Zimmerling

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